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Commercial Window Tinting

why You Should Consider Window Film for Your Office?

Protecting Your Tenants

Protecting Your Budget

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Protecting Your Design

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commercial Window Tinting

Vista and LLumar commercial window film professionally installed by Mr. Tint achieves both for property owners across San Diego. Your tenants and employees get all the benefits of natural light without the harmful and damaging UV rays that accompany it, and you lower your energy costs by up to 15% a year!

The smarter and more affordable alternative to expensive window replacement, window tinting is ideal for both new buildings and retrofit projects.

Increase Comfort by Reducing Heat and Glare

Working in an office in direct sunlight can result in fatigue, eyestrain and loss of concentration. Vista and LLumar window films are retrofit products installed directly to the interior side of the glass. They help correct temperature imbalances between sunny and shady areas and deflect harsh, uncomfortable glare. Employees are more comfortable and more productive.

Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs

Winter heat loss through windows can cause discomfort to building occupants and unnecessarily high energy bills. Low emissivity insulating film applied to the inside face of ordinary single-glazed windows decreases heat loss by up to 30%. In the summer, Vista and LLumar window films from Mr. Tint reduce the cost of cooling a building by rejecting up to 79% of the sun’s heat.

Safety and Security
Anti-Graffiti & Anti-Vandalism
Specialty Products

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Add Visual Appeal

Glass treatment films can add new style to buildings for a fraction of the cost of other refurbishments and without the inconvenience of relocating tenants. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, tinted, semi-reflective or fully-reflective film enhances any architectural design. From the inside, Vista and LLumar offer a pleasant, glare and distortion-free view and from the outside they have a uniform appearance that complements the building’s design.

Enhance Privacy

Translucent or daylight reflection films applied to the inside of your windows will let in light but guard against prying eyes. Blackout (opaque) films are as well as a range of frosted decorative films can provide an attractive finish to internal partitions.

In addition, Mr. Tint offers a full line of safety and security films, anti-graffiti films and blackout films.

Make your building the best it can be! Take our One Minute Challenge to see first-hand how commercial window film can lower your high energy costs.

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Commercial Window Tinting

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