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Wear & Tear

Got to have it! Basic package

Help prevent scratches to the area behind your door handles caused by keyrings and car keys. Protect the door edges against minor impact damage when opening your door.

What is the difference between Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film?

High Impact

Peace Of Mind-Budget Package

Looking to protect the high impact zones more prone to damage like bumpers, rocker panels, mirror backs and more, then this is a great package.

Paint Protection Application

Premium Bikini Cut

A Step Above-Popular Package

Help prevent damage to the front edge of your hood, partial fenders and sides-view mirror backs and help shield against everyday driving hazards, including added protection for your front bumpers.

Premium Front End

Do It Right-Mr Tint Recommended Package

Step up from Premium Bikini Cut package to include full coverage. Help prevent damage from everyday driving hazards and protect your full hood, full fenders, front bumper, side-view mirror backs as well as the rocker panels. Increase protection and elevate appearance with panels that don’t show film edges

Complete Car

Perfectionist-Best Of Best Package

For complete peace of mind, protect your entire vehicles paint against every day driving hazards like minor scratches a scrapes, paint chips, loading and unloading damage and more. Help keep your vehicle paint looking fresh and flawless longer with Paint Protection Film