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Pinnacle Series Tint 2-Door Car Package


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    Skip the 2 day waiting period to roll down the windows? This add-on will allow you to roll them down as soon as you leave the shop.

    • 39 $
    • $

    Tired or squinting while driving into direct sunlight? This add-on will eliminate the bright sunlight that comes thru the top part of the windshield

    • 79 $
    • $

    Sunroofs are great!!!! They also allow a lot of heat and UV into the car. This add-on will reduce the heat and UV while still giving you the open air feeling a sunroof offers.

    • 199 $
    • $

    If you would like to reduce the heat and UV rays coming through your front windshield, this is the film for you. Check out the video and we will explain.

    • 250 $
    • $


Ceramic Series film & installation for a vehicle.

Includes all windows except for the windshield or sunroof. These can be done, but will in-cure additional cost and in most cases will require a separate appointment time.

You will pick the darkness of your film when you arrive for your appointment.


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Front 2 Windows only, Whole Vehicle