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Safety and security

Reduce the Damage from Vandals and Mother Nature

It’s essential as a property owner that you protect not only your facility, but every person inside. LLumar Magnum safety and security window film from Mr. Tint in San Diego offers a protective barrier against the dangers that lurk outside. Highly durable, incredibly strong and nearly unbreakable, LLumar makes it difficult for any threat, human or natural, to break through.

Smash & Grab Burglary

The smash-and-grab robbery is among the most expensive for retailers. The Florida Retailers Association has estimated that break-ins can cost from $26,000 to more than $100,000 per incident, while a major department store has reported that their chain has lost more than $2 million from this type of robbery.

Now you can help foil destructive efforts with LLumar Magnum safety and security film. The LLumar Magnum solution is simple: It’s a heavy-duty polyester film bonded by special adhesives that’s simply applied to the interior of new or existing glass…with powerful results.

The Professional’s Choice

Violent Breakage

Whether damage is intentional or accidental, it compromises the integrity of your windows. LLumar Magnum holds shattered glass in place, protecting your tenants against dangerous glass shards that can cause significant injuries and stops outside debris from coming inside.

Seismic Protection

Flying shards of glass are one of the most deadly effects of any seismic event. While a building’s structure may absorb a quake’s impact, its windows are often less able to sustain frequent tremors or violent quakes. They can crack or be wracked from their frames, shattering glass into lethal shards that damage, injure or kill. The power outages that typically accompany quakes only magnify the dangers, making it difficult, if not impossible, to see and avoid harmful glass. LLumar Magnum helps stop the damage from occurring and holds glass shards in place, taking one less worry off your shoulders in the event of an emergency.